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Leia Organa Solo is a human female in her mid-thirties. She is a powerful Force-adept, although she came to it later in life than most, and is capable of using a lightsaber, blasters, and other weapons. She is an excellent marksman and rarely misses a target. Part of her training as a Republic Senator involved combat and self-defense, and she is a capable hand-to-hand fighter.

and by now you all know Zoe Washburne quite well.

This is the first elimination round of Level 2. Whoever loses this one is out! Poll will be open until Saturday, April 17. Have fun!

Ok, so, due to one of Google Maps' occasionally interesting errors, the route I will be taking to New Job is not what I had originally thought. It is actually entirely by bus, but takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Which, whatever. At least it doesn't involve walking up a very long street. So, farewell new shoes, hello saving money.

Less than a month until Canada! So excited. Making a suitcase list based on the amazing traveling hijinks of the academichic women. This will be my first out-of-country travel since London in 2006 and I am so happy. I tend to wanderlust.

Speaking of travels, I found on NPR a very definite recipe for gateau Basque (provided by a baker-lady who learned how to make it in Spain, so I assume it's as accurate as may be). Going to have to make it this summer; it is just so damned GOOD. Also on the list: pork (our rosemary plant is big enough to harvest from!), carrot-raisin salad, and a "Mexican lasagna" which I found courtesy of Mrs. B.

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