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Level 1, Round 8 )

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Level 1, Round 6 )

In other news, I am submitting a short story to Magnolia, which is a Florida literary magazine. I am trying to write a 50-word bio for the cover letter and finding that indeed, I am very dull. Also the ending sucks. And I think the whole caboodle is too long. Here's hoping. :/

OK, here's what I don't get about my mom and stepdad. Regarding healthcare, they have the typical "I got mine, fuck you" mindset...but they're POOR AS DIRT. I think I make more money than them, all things (like malpractice insurance, the fact that many of Bruce's patients pay him in things that aren't money, ec.) considered.

I can only chalk this up to their religiosity. Blah.
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Level 1, Round 5 )

ALSO: everyone please note that some other enterprising soul had the same idea as me (after being inspired by [ profile] f_march_madness, funnily enough) and has started a chickfight community. It's pretty awesome and much broader-based than what I have going on here, and I encourage everyone to vote there as well.
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So, I lied and took down the first round a day early. Onward and upward.

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Oh my Jesus I miss Jeremy. Between my swollen jaw and not-dissolving-rapidly-enough sutures and his fever and general phlegminess, I didn't see him for about two weeks 'til last night. We watched King of Kong (otherwise known as the most depressing movie ever), and reserved our rental car for Vancouver. So, exciting! Although most companies don't want to rent to under-25s and those that do like to charge Moar Fees. Oh well. This trip is still going to be shockingly inexpensive. Viva Canuckistan.

I haven't decided what I am going to eat first when I can chew again. I don't like steak, but I might have to get one just to prove to my teeth that I still need them.

The Rules, reposted for those just joining us )

Warrior Woman Death Match, Round 1-Level 1 )
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Cut for length and delirium )

Hee. Just read through the recovery sheet they gave instructs to "avoid blowing into musical instruments." ORLY??
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