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2010-06-12 10:23 am
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2010-05-28 06:33 pm

Warrior Woman Death Match Round 20

Superpowered )

In other news, I am currently the sleeping place for two adorable cat-boys. Success!
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2010-05-06 07:27 pm
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Warrior Woman Death Match 18

At long last, the STAR WARS girlfight. Which Skywalker woman will remain??

Mara vs. Leia )
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2010-04-17 11:48 am
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Warrior Woman Death Match 14

It was going to have to happen someday.

Faith vs. Echo )
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2010-04-13 11:18 am
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2010-04-09 05:09 pm

Warrior Woman Death Match 12

Oh my lordy I am exhausted. But glad to see the Internet is behaving itself...for the moment.

Round 12: Jaina vs. Echo )

ETA: post-nap )
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2010-04-01 09:11 am
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2010-03-28 12:17 pm
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2010-03-26 04:02 pm
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2010-03-25 10:30 am

Warrior Woman Death Match 6 (elimination round!)

Level 1, Round 6 )

In other news, I am submitting a short story to Magnolia, which is a Florida literary magazine. I am trying to write a 50-word bio for the cover letter and finding that indeed, I am very dull. Also the ending sucks. And I think the whole caboodle is too long. Here's hoping. :/

OK, here's what I don't get about my mom and stepdad. Regarding healthcare, they have the typical "I got mine, fuck you" mindset...but they're POOR AS DIRT. I think I make more money than them, all things (like malpractice insurance, the fact that many of Bruce's patients pay him in things that aren't money, ec.) considered.

I can only chalk this up to their religiosity. Blah.
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2010-03-23 09:41 am
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Warrior Woman Death Match 5 (now with pics!)

Level 1, Round 5 )

ALSO: everyone please note that some other enterprising soul had the same idea as me (after being inspired by [ profile] f_march_madness, funnily enough) and has started a chickfight community. It's pretty awesome and much broader-based than what I have going on here, and I encourage everyone to vote there as well.