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Deactivating devices on Netflix because it looks like Dad is watching stuff on your account. Unless you like Eric Clapton.--Jeremy

My mom and I are watching Twilight because she wants to know what her students are into. She thinks it's dumb and Bella is dumb and Edward is a dick.--[personal profile] laurelin_kit

Naw. I'm just another rudeboy trying to get his.--Eric

I had a good pun the other day! My mom was talking about all her doctor's appts she had to make & I asked her if she needed to get all her docs in a row. :D--[profile] iammeinuk

A better giggity has never been uttered.--Anna

I found your local tanning salon for those long winter months: Sun Your Buns.--Jeremy

Butt dialed lol.--Alicia

I would reference the Mormon trumpet-man but I don't know his name.--Eric

My cadaver looks like Kenny Rogers.--Jeremy

The things we do to get laid.--[personal profile] laurelin_kit

John Ringo doesn't get nearly as much credit as he should.--Eric
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Hallo from Dreamwidth. Something I didn't realize when I set this account up was that if I wanted my LJ entries to be preserved, I'd have to post from here after importing the previous journal history.

At least that's my understanding.


That book

Feb. 6th, 2011 09:08 am
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I can't stop thinking about Among Others. Jo Walton's newest. I wrote an extremely self-absorbed post about it on Ye Old Blogge last night immediately after finishing it. I think I owe it another post, a real review, something more than just ZOMG THIS IS MY BOOK IT IS PERFECT, because the plot and style are well worth examining, as they always are. I wish I were classier at these sorts of things, telling authors how awesome they are and what their books mean to me.

She said on her journal in a comment that she rarely hears that people like A Prize in the Game. This is nigh on unfathomable to me. It's such a perfect book, that one. It's so unlike the books it is related to, the Sulien books proper, but it's devastating and true and beautiful. And it really does tell you everything you need to know about Elen.

But really. Please read Among Others. Especially if you love libraries, or if chowing down on SFF was what you did every day between the ages of 13 and 17.
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Level 3, Round 1 )
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Superpowered )

In other news, I am currently the sleeping place for two adorable cat-boys. Success!
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At long last, the STAR WARS girlfight. Which Skywalker woman will remain??

Mara vs. Leia )
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It was going to have to happen someday.

Faith vs. Echo )
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Oh my lordy I am exhausted. But glad to see the Internet is behaving itself...for the moment.

Round 12: Jaina vs. Echo )

ETA: post-nap )
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